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Specialties: Buyer’s Agent | Listing Agent | Relocation | Purchase Loan

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  • Completed the State of California required Real Estate training July 2010
  • Started working for Guarantee Real Estate in Fresno California in August 2010
  • Ramped up with additional training and sale during 2011 – Over all production was approximately $790K

Since 2012 I have achieved sales in the multi-millions exceeding each year over year of production. My skill set is highly organized, attention to detail, listening to clients and making every attempt to exceed their expectations.I see my real estate as a personal business that I take pride in, so I handle each and every transaction with the following philosophy:

Pennie Woods

Many people tell me I am a natural leader, with a clear vision of the end product, and what’s required to accomplish it. I work hard to make sure transactions get completed according to my client’s expectations. At times I tend to be more demanding because I have such high standards. I am very up-front and honest with clients, associated, vendors and support people, I simply tell them how to see things so they can make a good decision.
I love proficiency, and always look for ways to make things operate more efficiently. My world is primarily focused outside of myself, where I process available information logically.I rely primarily on the facts, and deal with that which is concrete. I am very respectful to laws and traditions, and have a clearly-defined value system.

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When committed to a task, I give it my all, one-hundred percent in my career, relationships, religious obligations, and community. I can assure clients I carry out all responsibilities to the best of your ability.

Overall I pride myself in strong time management, ensuring things are completed in a timely manor, with efficiency and working to assure the client first and always satisfied. Clients are my first priority.

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Fresno Realtor

Specialties: Buyer’s Agent | Listing Agent | Relocation | Purchase Loan

My goal has always been to provide “Exceptional Customer Service”…..over my years in Real Estate; I feel I have accomplished this goal. But more importantly, I have met wonderful new clients, both buyers and sellers. They have entrusted me to deliver on their expectations and make the buying or selling experience one that is without stress, smooth and enjoyable. Because of my previous experience, I have excelled in meeting these expectations and been able to achieve the level of multi-million dollar agent and ranking in the top 20 sales agents for Guarantee. I have had the opportunity to help first-time buyers and sellers, experienced buyers and sellers and commercial interests. Without these wonderful clients, my achievement would be without merit. So thank you to everyone who has helped in my success!